Art and its ability to heal

Art and its ability to heal

One of the greatest gifts I received is the ability to create, specifically to draw. Anyone who follows my social media follows my journey of rediscovery. This gift was taken from me by dissociative amnesia and I didn’t even know I once drew and painted. Recovering from a lifetime of abuse also brought back positivity. It brought back passions I forgot I had and skills I forgot I learnt.


The great thing about art is that anyone can do it, it comes from the heart. It can make you feel emotions, it can make you use your imagination and it can heal you.




When you create, you’re not instantly healed. Art itself is a journey and when you allow yourself to show yourself through art, it can help you on your healing journey. Slowly I am showing more and more of myself through art, of which I have not shown everything. Why? I think I was not ready. Even though I started to remember my skills and use them. I was not ready to allow myself to enjoy them fully, to see it as a passion again. A lot was taken from me during the abuse and one of that was, I was never allowed to do things or care for myself. Therefor I sabotage most of what I start to enjoy or do them without joy and just for the heck of it. Which always is a failure waiting to happen.


One thing they will never take away again is the joy and passion I start to feel for the art I create. EMDR helps a lot to work through my traumas. I feel so much positivity this week, I don’t think I have ever experienced that before.


I am working on a logo for my website and social media, because art has become once again a part of me. It shows just a little bit more of who I am. I hope to learn digital art one day, too.

Love & Light, Sandra

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